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The impact of AIDS in Latin America will be the main topic of debate Friday at the First Ibero American Congress on Anthropology underway in this capital.

Cuban specialist Lisbert Roig Martín, will deliver a lecture with a socio-cultural approach to the HIV/AIDS issue in Latin America.

According to statistics, there were over 1.6 million seropositives in 2005, while 140,000 people got the virus that same year in the region.

In several Latin American countries, AIDS indicators have increased due to two main factors: homosexuality and prostitution.

However, Cuba has kept its rate of HIV/AIDS contagion as low as 0.01%, the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The over 400 Cuban and foreigner experts attending the event are also scheduled to participate in a round table on the methodology of investigation in visual anthropology, and the application of that science in the field of education and legal science.

Source: ACN

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