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Cuban News Agency reported that Cuban President Raul Castro assessed the damage inflicted by hurricane Matthew in the easternmost zones of Cuba and said that it’s now crucial to exactly and rapidly identify the damage to know what do in each area.
Raul held a working meeting Monday at the Municipal Defense Council of Maisi, one of the hardest-hit areas by the storm in eastern Guantanamo province.
In his report to the Cuban President, the head of Guantanamo’s Provincial Defense Council, Denny Legra, estimated that over 90 percent of homes were seriously affected, as well as most state-owned facilities. Communication systems, the electric network and water supply facilities were also severely damaged the official reported, as well as roads and agricultural areas, particularly coffee plantations.
The Cuban President stressed the need to urgently use alternatives to guarantee the people all necessary resources and called for using the learned lessons under hurricane Matthew to put them in practice in the event of future natural phenomena.

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