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The Cuban Attorney´s General Office (FGRC by its Spanish acronym) expressed the certainty that its meeting with US prosecutors evidences the interest of mutual exchange, but without making concessions on national sovereignty and independence.
The forum that opened in this city is proof that respectful dialogue is a mechanism to build strong bridges of communication that we hope to consolidate between our public ministries, MSc. Marlen Fernandez Machado, FGRC Deputy Attorney General, said.
However, she clarified that in legal matters the economic, commercial and financial US blockade remains in force and causes serious damage and hardship to the Cuban people and hampers its economy and relations with other nations.
Douglas Shin Ging Chin heads the group of US lawyers, in his capacity as Attorney General of the State of Hawaii and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) of the United States.
The list includes lawyers of the states of Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Utah, Wisconsin, Kansas, Idaho and Indiana, all in their first visit to Havana.
Shin Ging Chin expressed the interest of his delegation to first hand see the Cuban judicial system, its structure, and provide details on the one of his country, where Loretta Elizabeth Lynch is the Attorney General since April 2015 and is the first African American woman to hold this position.
The meeting of the jurists at Hotel Nacional de Cuba dealt with the structure and composition of the FGRC, missions, functions and its role as guarantor of legality and the Cuban justice system, with an emphasis on criminal law and legal cooperation in confronting crime in an increasingly globalized world.
At the request of the visitors, they held a meeting with representatives of the Popular Supreme Court and today they will do it with the National Organization of Law Offices (ONBC by its Spanish acronym).
The same will happen at the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana and finally with Cuba´s National Union of Jurists.
Dario Delgado Cura is the Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba. (acn)

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