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English language version of the information note issued by the Ministry of Public Health concerning the fifteenth confirmed imported case of a patient with Zika virus, taken from Granma newspaper:
The fifteenth imported case of a patient confirmed with Zika virus has been diagnosed, corresponding to a 67-year-old Cuban official living in the municipality of Guanabacoa, Havana province, who arrived in the country from Venezuela, State of Caracas, on May 31.
She was asymptomatic until June 4, when she showed slight fever and rash on the forearms, abdomen and back, accompanied by muscle and joint pain. She went to the policlinic in her neighborhood and later to the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), where she was admitted and blood samples were taken for study.
On Wednesday, June 8, the IPK laboratory reported that the patient was positive for Zika virus.
She is still hospitalized, with mild symptoms, no fever, good general condition and favorable evolution.

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