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Jake Agna, a man who has spent 43 years teaching tennis, is in Cuba to help in the rebuild project of the National Tennis Center in Havana.
In an historic meeting on March 1, 2016, the Cuban government approved a project to rebuild the tennis courts at the National Tennis Center in Havana, Cuba.
The Memorandum of Understanding is between the Cuban American Friendship Society (CAFS) of Burlington, Vermont, (non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization), as the licensed exporter, and the National Tennis Federation in Cuba.
The original application, sponsored by CAFS, was designated Humanitarian status by the U.S. Department of Commerce, allowing the project to be sanctioned quickly in December. With both license from the U.S. government and Cuban approval, Agna and his team will embark on the first bricks and mortar project to take place in Cuba since the Eisenhower Administration.

“When we saw the National Tennis Center we were stunned. Courts were crumbling, nets held up by chairs, tennis balls were thread bare, and racquets needed stringing,” said Agna.

Agna has travelled to Havana several times in the last year to play with kids who are just learning tennis and some incredibly talented players. “These are great kids, with great hearts, pride in their community and love for each other. We have things to share, but also much to learn from them,” said Agna.

Welcome then, again, Jake Agna to Cuba.


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