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US Wine producers who took part at a forum in Havana called First Symposium of California Wine said they are interested in increasing exchange with Cuba, despite the US embargo on the island.
The forum was held at Havana´s Conventions Center with the attendance of over 200 wine experts and owners of some 50 wine production companies from California, and 200 Cuban specialists, some of whom attended a similar forum in the US western state.
Darius Anderson, executive director of US Cava Export, which sponsored the forum, expressed his hope that the new US-Cuba relationship favors this kind of exchanges and that American companies may do business with Cuba with less restrictions.
Similarly, Linda Reiff, president and executive director of the Napa Valley Producers Association said that US unilateral sanctions on Cuba should have been lifted long time ago. Reiff expects that the Treasury and the Department of Trade lift some restrictions on trade with Cuba.

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