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At least 7,000 Cuban migrants spend Christmas in Costa Rica, stranded in shelters and tents or crowded in Paso Canoas, Costa Rican border area in the south of the country, with no hope of reaching their longed "American dream".
The countries of the Central American Integration System met Tuesday in Mexico to try to solve the immigration crisis but failed to lift the lock that prevents the Cubans migrants for over a month to continue the journey to the United States, their final destination.
Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize did not back down and remained firm on keeping closed the way that prevents immigrants follow their route to US territory, where they are benefited with migration privileges by the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.
Despite the suspension of visas and the threat of deportation to Cuba, migrants continue to arrive to the country and crowd the Paso Canoas border post, where they sleep in tents, and even outdoors.
The "American dream" is now a very distant illusion on the Christmas holidays and year-end celebrations.
The United States warned on Tuesday in Mexico that their laws do not allow them to establish an air bridge with Costa Rica, and that migrants must arrive by land, as established by the law known as the "dry feet, wet feet".
The closing of borders by Nicaragua, then imitated by Guatemala and Belize, has deepened the crisis and left Costa Rica with a serious immigration problem, and also Central American Integration System lost one of its most important members.


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