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Cuba’s HeberNasvac vaccine, unique in the world for treating patients infected by the virus of chronic Hepatitis B, obtained the health registration by the Center for State Control of Drugs, Equipment Medical Devices.  

Developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), the therapeutic vaccine is supported by patents granted in the most demanding markets, and has more than 20 scientific publications by Cuban researchers with foreign contributors.  

Among them, from the Ehime University in Japan, the  Liver Foundation and the Society for the Study of Liver of Bangladesh, the Pasteur Institute of France, the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research, and the University of Hanover, of Germany.

In Cuba, works related to the immunogen have received the Annual Award of the Academy of Sciences on several occasions, said Dayana Martinez, a specialist in Communication and Marketing.    

In addition to the clinical study in Bangladesh, which demonstrated the validity of the vaccine and allowed the granting of registration, clinical research continues, for which a study on efficacy is performed in conjunction with the French counterpart, Abivax, that includes 280 patients from eight Asian countries and develops successfully in this region of the world, among the hardest hit by the virus.

The research has been approved by regulatory authorities of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand and the clinical protocol was designed by international experts of the highest scientific level, in cooperation with Cuban specialists.



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