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Having extended the Medical Program of the Family throughout East Timor by November 2016 is the aspiration of Rui Maria de Araujo, its Prime Minister, who takes the Cuban health system as a model for this effort.

Speaking to the press, the premier, on an official visit to the Caribbean island, said that more than 840 Timorese doctors have graduated in Cuba, and that it is precisely these young physicians the ones that are contributing to create a scheme of health care in community centers.

We started a few months ago, but we hope that by next year a primary health care system will be set up, he announced, where students that graduate in Cuba can show the academic training they received, but above all, the ethics and humanism that were transmitted to them.

Araujo stressed the usefulness of the visit, where existing agreements in other areas such as education, sports and agriculture were strengthened.



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