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Advances in the field of stem cell regenerative medicine in Cuban orthopedic surgery will be presented at the International Congress of that specialty, soon to be held on September 26th in Camagüey.
According to local media figures, more than twenty patients have benefited from this protocol in Camagüey hospital "Amalia Simoni". For these achievements, the hospital used a rigorous training with the participation of surgeons, anesthesiologists and other specialists involved in the surgical activity.
Drawing blood to achieve stem cells concentrates, the subsequent return of plasma and red globules, last of three to four hours, and is performed with a vein channeled, local media said.
The peculiarity of the stem cells is that they are able to self-renew and give rise to other cells through a process of differentiation. Its most common uses are given in use to regenerate damaged tissue and stimulate the growth of blood vessels, which are applied to patients suffering from arterial insufficiency and diabetic vascular disease.



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