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Cuba will apply a technique known as "cloud seeding" to artificially induce rain from September 15 in areas hit by severe drought, which affects more than one million people, according to official sources quoted by official media.
The program aims at increasing rainfalls from clouds formed over the Cauto River in eastern Cuba to favor the flow of water to nearby dams, said engineer Yosmany Gil.  
The program will run for two months while its effectiveness will depend on the necessary conditions in the clouds that will be targets of silver iodide, which facilitates the process.    
The current drought is expected to extend to April next year, according to predictions, thus a series of measures have been taken in coordination with the Civil Defense Staff, including the monitoring of water consumption by state and non-state entities, the reduction of leaks and rehabilitation of water supply networks and the adjustment of the water distribution service according to different territories.



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