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The Association of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer and other dementias of the Spanish city of Lugo (Afalu) and Cuba have a relation of almost five years.
This collaboration began at the call of the Cuban government, which wanted to use the experience of Afalu for its first center for people with Alzheimer, located in the Convento de Belén in Old Havana. In particular, Cuba was interested in cognitive programs, stimulation and techniques used by Afalu to help preserve cognitive abilities, language, calculation, manual dexterity, mobility and care for patients with these diseases.
This collaboration allows the movement of professionals to or from Cuba and have allowed Cuban technicians and specialists are trained in the courses, lectures and seminars that the educators, therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and psychologists from Lugo association teach them and learn from their expertise and protocols to better cope with the disease and help slow its progress and improve the quality of life of patients and dependents.


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