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"Cuba should not appear in any unilateral list, or be subject to any surveillance” said a released on the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, in which the Raul Castro Government's commitment to “fight with zero tolerance against prostitution and sex trade or other forms of trafficking" is repeated.
The Cuban government stresses in that statement that the island is working to comply "with international standards in the fight against this scourge and other crimes of a global nature".
In the statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry believes that the US report on human trafficking "continues to present biased and manipulated elements" on the "selfless" work and "broad international recognition" of the medical staff of the island in third countries.
According to the Foreign Ministry, the text "distorts the educational and training character of the Cuban educational system" to show as "forced labor" "tasks performed by Cuban students" known since the beginning of the Revolution as a "school in the countryside" initiative.


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