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The New York Times publishes again a series of articles and editorials about Cuba and US policy toward the island.
For readers of Viajes there are two pages of advertisements on Cuba; one of the latest editions of the magazine Cigar Aficionados and its special issue on the island and another one of Airbnb, which already has 2,000 houses for rent in Cuba.
The editorial of the Sunday newspaper recalls that Americans can travel to Khartoum, Tehran, Damascus and Pyongyang, although they are not very popular tourist destinations. And it regrets, then, that Cuba is still prohibited by law for Americans. 
It is "worth" promoting democratic reforms, the editorial says, and America can have a greater impact by "supporting private entrepreneurs and removing the sanctions." It praises the work of companies like Google and Airbnb and the "ways of investing in the island" by Cuban-Americans. The editorial also calls on Congress to do its job without delay.


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