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Today, the plenary of the Senate of Uruguay discusses a bill that was supported by former President and now Senator Jose Mujica to cancel the debt of Cuba to that southern country, amounting to just over $ 50 million, about $ 31.5 million of capital and its respective interests, and which dates from 1986.
The project was presented in the previous administration and refloated by the new government of Tabare Vazquez. During his study in the Senate Finance Committee the National Party questioned the writing off noting that although the island for now cannot afford it, perhaps in the future the situation is different.
Mujica argued that the cancelation would be a reward for the contributions of Cuba to the country, mainly in the field of health, "the vaccines Cuba sold to our country are specified but, beyond that, we see a debt that exists on the other side, which is not quantified and involves: the support they gave us through operations (sight) that were made in Uruguay and training of more than 400 doctors, most of whom are working on the countryside. We did not want to put a value on everything, but it was one of the reasons that once led us to take this decision," he said.


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