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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberian President, thanked the role of the Cuban doctors in the fight against Ebola during a meeting with Salvador Valdes, Vice President of the State Council of Cuba.
The African president stressed that Cuban professionals were in the most remote places and where infrastructure is poor. 
Likewise, she recognized the prestige of the Cuban health system and advances in other sectors such as education and sports.
Johnson-Sirleaf said she is willing to work on deepening bilateral relations and she welcomed the process of restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States .
The president praised the resistance of the Cuban people in their struggle against the embargo that successive US administrations have imposed them for more than 50 years and she affirmed that Cuba will continue to have the support of Liberia and other African countries.
Meanwhile, Valdes Mesa expressed his satisfaction because Ebola was eradicated in Liberia and said that both sides will continue to work for strengthening bilateral ties, especially in cooperation.


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