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An ex-prisoner of Guantanamo revealed that the CIA used a wider range of sexual abuse and torture of what was presented by the US Senate in 2014. 
In comments reported on Tuesday by the British agency Reuters, Majid Khan, 35, said that during his detention at the US prison the interrogators poured ice water on his genitals, repeatedly touched his private parts and recorded him twice while he was naked.
"I lived every day and every moment with anxiety (...) I wanted to be killed," Khan told his lawyers, to then talk about the intense pain felt when being hung naked for three days without food, although the agents gave him to drink water that caused him diarrhea.
He said the interrogators repeatedly kept his head under ice water, poured it all over his body every two or three hours, and then switched on a fan.
Jan revealed that the officers forced him to wear metal boots that pierced his flesh and immobilized him. Also, they do not let him sleep, a torture that caused him hallucinations.
The man of Pakistani origin added that US agents, some of whom smelled of alcohol, threatened him with hit him with a hammer, baseball bats, sticks and leather belts. 
The 27-page report, which contains the statements of Jan, shows that the alleged member of Al-Qaeda suffered "the most advanced methods of interrogation" of the CIA in the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay.
After that revelation, John Brennan, CIA director, tried to defend the position of the agency he leads claiming that these tactics provided key information in the "fight against terrorism".


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