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The ice rink installed in the Havana seawall promenade by the American artists Duke Riley and Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie is the biggest show of this XII Havana Biennial, a project that could stay in Cuba if the authorities keep the security of all implements.
The project is called La esquina fría del Malecon and consists of special plastic acrylic sheets, and is sprayed with an atomizer and water to help the sliding of the blades on ice skates over its surface. Admission is free.
The schedule is from 5 pm to 9 pm. The rink with wooden edges is about 16 meters long and 8 wide, has about 200 skates  of different sizes for children and adults.
Initially the ice skating rink would last until the end of the Biennal (June 22), but Riley expressed through a translator that his desire is to leave this project in Cuba, which for now will be for 30 days after the end  of Biennial. To stay (the rink), we just have to see if the government will maintain the space, gratuity, security and maintenance of all equipments.


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