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According to specialists as the director of the Cuban Program for the Environmental Defense Fund, Daniel Whittle, the reality is that in the Cuban coast there are "big fishes such as grouper and snapper, and sea turtles, and lots of sharks". For Cuba this resource is not overlooked because, according to an economic report by the same entity, the estimated value of each symbolic live shark is between $ 300,000 and $ 1 million.
For diving, which moves many millions of dollars, it can be a great attraction. Especially when there are not many places on the planet with as many guarantees of seeing sharks, mainly reef sharks.
Although it could bring economic benefits for the population, there is a risk that this marine paradise is altered by pesticides or chemicals that begin to be used on Cuban soil.

To make matters worse, the oil dependence of Venezuela could also disappear in the future and Cuba would bet on exploiting its own resources to meet domestic demand. This includes drill its coast for the millions of barrels of oil that estimate may be on its coasts. That is an added threat to the conservation of the marine environment as it is today.


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