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Cuban medical brigade in Sierra Leone has cured since October to 260 people infected with the Ebola virus, whom recovered after treatment of Cuban doctors.

"We managed to save the lives of 260 people who came very badly, and after our treatment, cured and have continued with their lives," he said in an interview Jorge Delgado, team leader of health (doctors and nurses) Cubans in Sierra Leone, a country with Liberia and Guinea Conakry suffers the worst epidemic of Ebola in history.

"Most of the patients came after they had been sick for 5-7 days, and the virus was widespread, but we fight it," he said.

Delgado participates in Geneva at a conference on Foreign Medical Teams that have fought against the epidemic.

In the event involving 150 people, representing 86 organizations from 11 countries, including three brigade commanders of the Cuban teams were deployed last October in the three most affected countries.

Delgado is responsible for coordinating the work of 164 toilets in four treatment centers in Sierra Leone three near Free Town, the capital, and another 120 kilometers.

In this center a hundred kilometers from the capital, Port Loko, is where you currently are Felix Baez, Cuban doctor who was infected with Ebola and, after being transferred and cured at the University Hospital of Geneva, and after a standing time in Cuba, he returned to fight the virus in Sierra Leone.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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