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To achieve greater control of the reproduction of lionfish in the southern province of Sancti Spiritus, CITMA experts in the territory encourage its fishing and consumption by locals.

Yessica Portal, responsible for managing this invasive species in the region, said the only way to eradicate this fish is by its capture by man; hence their fishing was authorized to reduce their proliferation.

He noted that this coastal communities and commercial fishermen have received training on lionfish, since, despite NOT be fatal, has venom glands in dorsal, anal and pelvic spines, causing nausea and respiratory problems.

For its rarity and delicacy of the dish is in high demand by the tourism sector in the southern town of Trinidad, he said.

By forming a predatory species voracious, in half an hour it feeds up to 20 fish specimens, was needed to reduce the spread of and unify the actions of the Center for Environmental Services, Marine Trinitarian Marlin and the National Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna Spiritus province.

In 2014, not counting caught by fishermen, nearly 800 animals of both varieties, red lion fish (Pterois volitans) and Fire Devil Fish (Pterois miles) were eliminated.

After the invasion of the species has disappeared area Malacoctenus boehlkei, which previously was common in the area; while large colonies of fish Grammatidos (Loreto and melacara) are virtually annihilated and various types of groupers and Acanthuridos have changed their feeding strategies.

As part of an international project sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), aimed at safeguarding biodiversity in vulnerable ecosystems in Cuba, in the territory you work in five marine hectares located in La Boca, Cabagan, the Ancon and Cayo Blanco peninsulas.

Source: CubaDebate

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