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Since its introduction a decade ago and until the end of 2014, more than seven thousand 500 Cubans were beneficiaries of cell therapy in regenerative medicine, announced sources from the Institute of Hematology and Immunology (IHI).

Doctor of Science Consuelo Macias, director of the institution said that the previous year two thousand proceed favored 266 people, triple incorporated new cases than in 2013.

They were also treated with platelets over five thousand 500 patients, totaling over 13,000 who were applied regenerative medicine, a figure that places Cuba among the top countries with the highest employment and development of this modern branch of medicine.

The Doctor of Science Porfirio Hernández, Cuba pioneer in the application of stem cell research deputy director of that institution, explained that these are used with considerable success in chronic lower limb ischemia, lymphedema, injuries and bone cysts, fractures complex, osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Also in injuries of the cornea and the retina, Parkinson, periodontitis, lung ailments, burns and vitiligo, among others.

THE Dr. Hernández stressed that the major amputation was avoided largely on patients suffering from severe arterial insufficiency of the lower limbs. It has also been used in chronic neurological lesions associated sequelae of cerebral infarcts.

Macias, announced that this year IHI researchers aim to organize a Cell Bank Cord with possibilities, essential for Transplant Program hematopoietic progenitor cells, immunosuppression in these interventions, autoimmune diseases and cell therapy international exchange.

The nests IHI National Programmes of Hematology, Immunodiagnostic and related comprehensive medical care for patients with hemophilia, sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

Its primary mission is research in hematology, immunology and transfusion medicine, providing scientific and technical services of the highest level and post graduate teaching for the training of specialists.

Also, methodologically oriented at 38 hematology services in the country, and its advances have enabled extend care humanely other nations, mainly in Latin America, Africa and Europe, said the director of IHI.

Source: AIN

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