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The brigade of doctor for disasters and epidemics "Henry Reeve" created in Cuba and where Cuban medical brigade to combat Ebola in Africa belongs, was proposed in Norway for Nobel Peace Prize 2015.

The nomination of "Henry Reeve" brigade was unanimously approved by the Annual Conference of Norwegian Unionists in Trondheim, which was attended by the Ambassador of Cuba in the Nordic country, María Esther Fiffe.

The contingent "Henry Reeve", named in honor of an American who joined the Cubans in their first war of independence in the nineteenth century, was established in 2005 by Fidel Castro, with a mission to assist other nations in disaster situations .

The first contingent was offering US help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, a partnership that ultimately was not accepted by the US authorities.

Subsequently, and during 2005, he served missions in Guatemala, to assist affected by the hurricane season, and in Pakistan, where attended victims of the devastating earthquake that hit the country this year.

The brigade of more than 250 Cuban doctors and nurses who since last October combat Ebola in West Africa, the area most affected by the epidemic, is part of the quota.

With the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Cuba maintains three specialized health delegations to deal with Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, countries most affected by the epidemic that has infected more than 22,000 people and killed almost 9000

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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