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On January 18 died in Sierra Leone collaborator Reinaldo Villafranca Antigua, Bachelor of Nursing, 43 years old, from municipality Los Palacios in Pinar del Río, as a result of malaria with cerebral complications.

The employee was part of the Medical Brigade Henry Reeve Contingent, which is facing an epidemic of Ebola in Sierra Leone. He arrived in the country on October 2, 2014 and worked at the Center for Treatment Ebola Kerry Town, the capital.

At dawn on January 17, introduced as early symptoms diarrhea, associated by the contributor to an eating disorder itself, on the afternoon of the same day ago fever of 38 ° C, it underwent test Malaria being positive, starting antimalarial treatment via oral. Hours later introduced a state of dissociation in time and space, maintaining high fever.

In this situation was transferred to the British Army Hospital, located in Kerry Town, where he was admitted. Malaria second test was positive and negative test for Ebola situation that was applied last generation antimalarial treatment intravenously repeated.

In its evolution presented with symptoms of progressive worsening neurological and respiratory difficulty making, so that was coupled to a team of pulmonary ventilation under the care of British specialists.

At dawn and morning worsened clinical picture, no response to treatment until death.

Reinaldo Villafranca Antigua, worked for over 10 years in the health sector and voluntarily gave his willingness to join the group of employees who went to West Africa.

Source: AIN

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