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The construction of a boardwalk from the beginning of Paseo de La Alameda to the building of the Customs of the port, is one of the projects implemented by the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city Santiago de Cuba.

The project is part of the General Master Plan to revitalize the historic center of the city which has among its main objectives to open the city to the sea, conceptualized by the principal architect Lina Magdariaga, Office of Design and Management Curator of the City.

The Malecón project is in its initial phase. Stores have been dismantled and raised floors for the first tranche of the Malecón (playground-Customs), ready for the 500th birthday of the city, on July 25.

The local occupied border guard station, will become an inn with food service. Next to this, will build the Blue Park, also known as Park 500th Anniversary, will be one of the most attractive for its innovative design, and is expected to be made up rinks, recreational areas, fountains and water mirrors with lights . The building contained space versus what will be the Azul Park will become a brewer.

Another project that is incorporated into the promenade is a tram, whose route will be from the Alameda Park to Paseo Martí. Something that will remind those trams circulating in the city center during the forties of last century.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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