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Plates were placed with the inscription "Here lives a hero of our time" in the homes of the 28 health professionals from Granma that are facing the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

The award was directed by Ivette Ruiz Carbonell, general secretary of the union of Public Health in Bayamo, in the act also participated Lady Sonia Perez Mojena, first secretary of the Communist Party in Granma; Manuel Santiago Sobrino Martinez, president of the provincial Popular Assembly, and other local officials. 

In Granma has been also implemented the "Box of Hope" where through family anyone can send messages to doctors and nurses, waiting for their return safely.

Among the 28 partners Granma sent to Africa four are women. "tHEY honor all women in the province with this step and we know they'll come healthy and victorious," said Lady Sonia Perez Mojena.

Sending professionals to Africa has caused serious concern among family members and other relatives. The Government has admitted that they will not be repatriated if they get sick, and if they die, they will be buried in the country where they are located.

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