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On Sunday October 26 a Cuban collaborator died serving in Guinea Conakry. The Cuban Ministry of Public Health has reported that the cause of death was not Ebola, but malaria, the worker was not in contact with sick people.

Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, 60, traveled to the African country as the economist of the medical brigade facing Ebola. Given his administrative position, with a degree in economics, he was never in contact with treatment centers nor ill people.

Guerra arrived to Guinea Conakry on October 6 and on 22, began with a "diarrheal illness, which was related to an eating disorder." Cuban Medical Brigade put a symptomatic treatment. The next day he was treated at Donka Hospital, where were prescribed antibiotics, hydration and diet, showing clinical improvement, and on 24 he was subject of laboratory tests in Pasteur clinic, explained the Ministry.

That same day in the evening begins to manifest signs and symptoms of worsening, which suggest malaria, so specific treatment for that disease starts and moves to the Pasteur clinic, where he was intern and the diagnosis was confirmed. Also were done Ebola diagnostic tests that resulted negative.

On Sunday morning his condition worsened and he suffered multiple organ failure. He died in the afternoon.

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