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Fighting Ebola remains the priority for the Cuban health system, this is why on Tuesday October 21 two brigades will leave to Liberia and Guinea Conakry. Cuban Health Minister, Roberto Morales, said that 53 health professionals will travel to Liberia and others 38 to Guinea Conakry.

In Sierra Leone, one of the African countries most affected by Ebola, is the first group of 165 Cuban health professional from early October.

In his opening speech to the ALBA reunion about Ebola, Raul Castro said that the epidemic is a huge challenge to humanity that must be tackled urgently and said his government is willing to work "shoulder to shoulder" with all countries, including the United States in the fight against this disease.

The members of the health brigades from Havana to face the Ebola signed a document in which they agreed not to be repatriated if infected with the virus. Also, in case of death, their bodies will be buried in the country in which they are assisting.

In total, the Cuban government has promised to send more than 460 professionals to fight the epidemic of Ebola in Africa.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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