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Cuba’s efforts and achievements in the benefit of the health of the people were acknowledged in Havana by the representative of the World and the Pan-American Health organizations (WHO-PAHO), Doctor Jose Luis Di Fabio.     

Cuba has become a regional example given its political will to improve the people’s health, to develop skilled medical personnel and a one-of-its-kind universal and comprehensive healthcare system.

The Pan-American Health Organization has oftentimes used Cuba’s cooperation to contribute to the implementation of strategies proposed by the regional organization, to reach its goals and priorities, Di Fabio noted.

In statements to ACN, the PAHO representative praised the island’s health indicators, which compare to those of First World Nations as he pointed to the lowering infant mortality rate below five in every one thousand live births in 2011, and the increase of the expectancy of life by nearly 80 years.

The official also acknowledged Cuba’s international health cooperation which, for over the past 50 years, has benefitted millions of people in more than one hundred countries of the world. He also underscored the training of medical personnel at the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine, which has graduated some 15 medical doctors from different nations.

The Pan-American Health Organization was founded December 2, 1902 and is considered the oldest international organization. PAHO works with all countries in The Americas to improve health and the quality of life, while it operates as a regional office of the World Health Organization.

Source: ACN

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