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Cuba has more than 38,000 health collaborators in 66 countries, mainly in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and continue the academic training of students in different medical specialties, mass media reported on Friday.

  According to Yilian Jimenez, director of the Central Unit of Medical Collaboration, some 10,000 students have been graduated at the Latin American School of Medicine since its creation in 1999, Juventud Rebelde newspaper stated.

During the First Workshop on Ethics, Values and Proletarian Internationalism held in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, the official talked of the significance of that university center, created by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Jimenez described as high value the work carried out by an army in white coat, present in each moment since the triumph of the Revolution, with the islandâ�Ös assistance to face natural disasters or other humanitarian problems.

More than two million people have also recovered sight with the Operation Miracle eye program, which has benefited people in many parts of the world.

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