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The Faculty of Psychology at the University of Havana hosted a panel last days where they were exposed Psychoballet achievements and prospects in Cuba. This method of psychotherapy and culture was created on the island 40 years ago.

The Master Georgina Fariñas, head of the comprehensive system of care since its founding, will speak on the method, which allows to restore balance in psycho-social people with mental disabilities, motor and sensory, and spread to several countries.

As part of the day psychology in Cuba, held on April 13, coinciding with the birth of the illustrious intellectual Enrique José Varona, developed from the second of this month activities across the country.

Alexis Lawrence, president of the Cuban Society of Psychology and professor of that faculty, told AIN that this Monday also spoke about the realities and perspectives of psychology in emergencies and disasters in Cuba and Latin America.

Lorenzo leads the group of specialists on the subject exposed in the island which exhibits remarkable results in dealing with these phenomena, not only in Cuba but also in other nations.

The Health Psychology hospital was also shown with the experiences of the University Hospital "Hermanos Ameijeiras" a group of experts also delved into the Clinical Psychology of Children and Adolescents: development, challenges and prospects, he said.

These professionals are committed to the widest variety of tasks related to people's welfare and social development and carry out their work in health, education, sports, culture, scientific research, environment, media, defense country, emergencies and disasters, he said.


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