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The hepatitis B vaccine developed in Cuba since 1992 has not only helped patients of the island, but has also been distributed to 35 countries have been able to obtain privileges.

Dr. Gerardo Guillén Nieto Sciences, director of the Biomedical Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), told AIN that the disease on the island is no health problem and since then it has covered the immunogen with significant results.

He said that over a third of the Cuban population is immunized against the disease, which includes all people 30 years of age.

He explained the scientist who for almost a decade there are no cases in children under age 15 with acute hepatitis, and three years is not reported the disease in young as five years.

He said that for this purpose was vaccinated all staff at risk, and in the provinces with the highest incidence were also taken preventive measures.

This has made an impact in reducing disease, recognized by the World Health Organization, stressed the Vice President of the Organizing Committee of Havana 2012 Biotechnology Congress, in session until Thursday with 600 delegates from 41 nations.

Hepatitis B is a disease that primarily affects the liver, the virus infects liver cells and can eventually move to the chronicity and liver cirrhosis and even cancer, she said.

In the event, based in the Convention Palace of Havana, will present the results of interferon treatment pergilado for hepatitis C, which is registered and is widespread in the country.

Also, studies show the therapeutic vaccine nasally chronic hepatitis B in phase three clinical trial, whose results are encouraging in previous investigations by reducing the viral load of the disease.

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