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In the Emergency University Hospital Commander Faustino Pérez Hernández de Matanzas developed a clinical trial showed the effectiveness of using acupuncture in patients diagnosed with hypertensive emergency. This treatment was more effective than the indication of Captopril orally.

The sample consisted of 61 patients, predominantly female and aged between 48 and 67, divided into two groups: one of 28 who received conventional drug treatment with captopril, and another 33 to that applied procedures of Acupuncture.

Those treated with acupuncture showed a better therapeutic response to reevaluate patients an hour after established treatment, when compared with the group that was given Captopril.

The study was conducted by Dr. Boris Luis Gonzalez Camacho, as part of his thesis to claim the title of First Degree Specialist in Natural and Traditional Medicine (NTM). In its design and implementation participated as advisors Dr. Jose Alberto Alfonso de León and Mr. Lazarus Vichot Fernandez.

The mentor, Professor Johann Delgado Perdomo, second degree specialist in MNT and Master in Bioenergetics and Natural Medicine, who is chief of the National Specialty, told Granma that while there is now a broad array of effective drugs to treat hypertension, acupuncture is a "useful therapeutic strategy" and may provide new insights into the mechanisms of cardiovascular regulation.

It is also a need to evaluate the workings of the MNT with the rigor demanded by the scientific community, and in this regard, said that in terms of hypertension treated with acupuncture and related modalities, more than fifty articles published primarily Chinese medical journals.

In one published this year by U.S. researchers in the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine summarizes the findings provide a perspective on the future treatment of hypertension with these techniques.

As a result of research carried out in Matanzas, the recommendation was made to replicate the study to corroborate the findings, including the participation of a greater number of patients in clinical trials, preferably by independent authors to achieve better validation procedure therapeutic.

This work is currently being drafted for submission to arbitration of International Medical Electronics and proposed to represent the province in the event Bionat 2012, fourth edition of the National Congress convened for July by the Cuban Society of Bioenergetic Medicine and naturalist.

The use of acupuncture techniques is in line with Guideline 158, adopted by the Sixth Party Congress, which sets the maximum willingness to pay attention to the development of MNT.

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