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The effectiveness of treatments and care provided to the hospital population of Natural and Traditional Medicine in the city of Holguin are to be maintained for 14 years as a referral center for quality health services.
The facility is named after Juan Tomás Roig wise, is linked docentemente to the Medical University of Havana and is distinguished by the wide spectrum of techniques used in the fields of medicine, physical medicine and dentistry, told ACN director, Naomi Rodriguez.

He added that the applied therapeutic procedures add 43 with the addition of new lines Sauna and Massage, usually effective in meeting some 155 types of conditions, most ostiomioarticular and neurological system.

Since opening in mid-February 1996, the hospital has received to date more than 290 000 patients, including a few thousand by revenue, said.

Dr. Rodriguez appreciated as time of the year just ended, active participation in clinical trials conducted by researchers at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxia.

He also stressed the care offered to residents of the Home Nursing Pedro Vazquez, during the rehabilitation process of that institution, and the creation of the advisory group for the project natural and traditional medicine in the province.

Considered among its achievements the excellent evaluation that maintains comprehensive installation work in the application of natural and traditional medicine, and compliance with the internal plan and plant production apifármacos.

Other results meant, are expressed in the incorporation of the welfare unit to productive scientific center of Havana, and increasing international courses offered at the center.

As a patient of "Tomás Roig", Zoe Pujadas Nicaro neighbor village in the municipality of Mayari, highlighted the quality of medical services offered by this hospital, located in the vicinity of the Vocational School Jose Marti, on the outskirts of the city.

The most relevant to me, reiterated Pujadas was pleased to feel the love received through their specialists.

In addition to its guard services, the institution has a capacity of 80 beds.

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