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Children zero to five years of age constitute the population of Camagüey to be pesquisada by doctors in the region during the current month to detect hearing disorders in them. This massive campaign is the first time you perform on the island.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average age of early identification of abnormalities of hearing in children is on average three to five years in the Third World, and 17 to 20 months in developed nations

Dr. Juan Iglesias, research coordinator, noted that the aforementioned studies on health problems are usually selective.

He said that the check, with start date to be defined, covering some 19 thousand foot, start with the coverage area of ​​the polyclinic Ignacio Agramonte, and gradually incorporate the remaining eight similar units in the municipal jurisdiction.

Possible opportunities to extend the project to other areas of the province of Cuba, said the speaker.

The research will include tests such as audiometry (hearing acuity in relation to different sound frequencies).

The equipment is part of a grant worth 187 thousand euros, conducted by the German NGO CMB, which cooperated before in other health tasks in Camaguey, said Iglesias.

The country is significant congenital hearing impairment, according to the WHO in the world of one to three of every thousand children born with severe bilateral hearing loss.

Among the ways to deal with hearing difficulties in Cuba shows the cochlear implant, treatment of selective enforcement that takes place in Havana, which has regional centers, one in Camagüey, to program and reprogram the device outside of that highly expensive prosthetic and sophisticated.

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