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Unprotected sexual intercourse is the predominant mode of transmission of HIV / AIDS in Cuba despite the work being done in prevention campaigns. Specifically, the group of gay men are the greatest incidence and prevalence of the disease occur.

Nearly nine of every 10 men contracted the disease that way. His greatest vulnerability the conditions the interaction of biological, psychological and social, said Dr. Maria Isela Lantero, head of the department of STI / HIV / AIDS, the Ministry of Public Health.

Over 85 percent of those diagnosed are between 15 and 49, the remaining are distributed to over 50, with a tendency to increase in men and women over 60 years, said the newspaper Granma specialist.

Assessed as a priority to increase the scope and effectiveness of prevention efforts, promote condoms, provide access to this health product, to promote peer education and continue to increase volunteer participation in prevention.

While recognizing that in theory it could be argued that advances in the treatment of AIDS have become a chronic disease, "are still incurable with treatment entities have a chronic course."

However, he stressed that the diagnosis of HIV has a meaning very different from diabetes or hypertension, both the person and their children, other relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers or study. Facing that reality can not be reduced only to therapeutic advances.

He argued that only through laboratory studies can confirm the diagnosis, and the greatest obstacle in the world to increase access to comprehensive care affected health and prevent transmission in the population, is that many people who have HIV do not know.

In Cuba, people can easily access health services and our doctors know the importance of providing basic information on sexually transmitted infections before proposing and indicate an HIV test to all sexually active do not use condoms consistently.

Be emphasized that the diagnostic test and know their outcome should be borne by the population and practice self-care of their health in a time when AIDS is among us.

Our country has nearly 200 laboratories that perform this test. In the past year were 2.3 million, the most in the last five years, said the expert.

"AIDS remains a disease with no cure. Living with HIV not easy for those affected, their families and friends. Prevent it remains the best option," summed up the specialist.

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