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The next February 22 will receive the Cira Garcia Central Clinic, located in Havana, the quality certificate ISO-9001: 2008, which was worthy to complete the review process that verified the excellence of its services.
Ramon Prado Peraza, director general of the institution, told Prensa Latina that this center is backed accreditation nationally and internationally, as a unit that meets the requirements of safety, quality and efficiency of the processes evaluated for compliance.

This has not been easy, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is very demanding, and the results are collected now are the result of years of collective work, said Prado.

He highlighted the challenge of recognition. To keep work must continue, consolidate the achievements and move more, since one of the principles of the rule is the continuous improvement of organizational performance, and all workers are imbued with this concept, he said.

The ISO-9001: 2008 is an international standard that enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of products and services provided, patient-centered, since it is measured and taken into account their satisfaction at all times.

In the Clinic monthly assessments are coordinated by well-defined protocols to ensure the optimization of care and patient safety, for which there are a number of mechanisms in each area, said Prado.

This results in the quality of care for patients treated in the hospital, diplomats, foreign businessmen based in Cuba and foreigners who come seeking the prestige of Cuban medicine, many of whom wish to institutions that have this accreditation, said.

Last year, medical professionals attended Cira Garcia 31 000 653 patients in ambulatory, performed 911 major operations, 370 minor surgery, minor operations and other 585 in emergency.

In addition, 469 thousand patients admitted, and applied 82 000 270 rehabilitation treatments.

In these moments are a greater number of patients from Angola in the first place, followed by Canada, Italy, Spain and Russia, said Prado.

Many come for medical checkups and other health programs, orthopedics and trauma, along with cosmetic surgery are the specialties most in demand, said the expert, who said the center's work contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of national health system.

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