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The low rate of infant mortality in Cuba in 2011 is due to the excellent work that is done through the Maternal Child Program throughout the country. Melena del Sur Municipality highlighted in this work since ended the year with zero infant and maternal mortality, and the latter figure has remained at zero for years.

Professor José Miguel Seijas, who directs the program since 1986 and serves Maternity Homes, told Granma newspaper that infant mortality is zero since September 2010.

He said that this indicator and the efforts to prevent maternal deaths in this country is a mirror that should look the other municipalities in the province Mayabeque, in which he said, there are conditions for a gradual improvement.

For Dr. Leonardo Gonzalez Brunet, director of Public Health of the territory, these results are due to the stability of staff, implementation of the regulations of the Ministry for the sector, having the total number of offices needed, and completing basic work groups .

In turn, Dr. Eloisa Sanchez Gutierrez, head of the areas of genetics, said the importance of knowing the risks that women can have in this area, and in this regard said that measures are used to prevent the women become pregnant without optimal conditions to do so.

Dr. Juan Carlos Andux Valdes, director of Public Health in Mayabeque, ponders the performance of Melena del Sur, and states working to bring this example to other municipalities in the province.

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