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The group of Cuban doctors in Haiti in cooperation following the earthquake last year have achieved a figure of zero deaths from cholera in the period they have provided care to the population.

Granma newspaper states that the 34 institutions involved in treating the disease, which remains endemic phase in neighboring Caribbean country, the Cuban medical staff develops educational and promotional program to prevent the condition.

Stresses the body of the Communists in the Greater Antilles to the Cuban Medical Brigade has prioritized the care of the sick, as well as diagnosis and procedure appropriate to each possible case.

Although no report has returned to active outbreak in recent weeks, the brigade remains vigilant in areas where diarrheal diseases have increased, and performs work in the community screening for search and case detection.

Cholera, which has affected over 500 000 people in Haiti, has reduced its fatality rate. However, the indicator is still high, the Haitian authorities recorded a 1.3% rate of deaths per 100 patients. Meanwhile, the BMC has a fatality rate of 0.36%, four times lower than the national indicator.

The epidemic, which was over 100 years are not reported in the territory, can be maintained long term as happened in Peru in 1991-where there were reports of patients for ten years if they continue to poor hygienic practices and is not guaranteed drinking water for the population.

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