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The 2011 was a year of transformations in the field of Public Health in Cuba, and on this issue highlights the achievements Roberto Morales Ojeda, Minister of Public Health. Primary care highlighted in this regard by providing better service to allow the population.

In the act of Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health, the owner called to consolidate the innovations that are performed to meet the guidelines adopted at the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

To officials and workers in the industry, Morales Ojeda emphasized the importance of further work by the quality of services to the people, points to a note published in Infomed, digital portal Cuban Health.

He described 2011 as a year of intense work at different levels of care, and among the most important results of the period cited the 7.7 percent reduction in the budget allocated to the sector.

He stressed that this will contribute to further develop the health system and invest in new technologies, in order to achieve better indicators.

He said that in Cuba 11 000 486 clinics operating physician and the nurse of the family, and urged dispensarización actions continue to identify problems and take appropriate solutions.

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