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Fidel Mesa Redonda Busto

Everyone talked about this, not only in workplaces but also in markets, bus stops. People said: Did you see how good he is!

His appearance on TV made everyone happy, even those abroad were surprised.

The delight to see him so strong and energetic again joined the appreciation for all he has done in the last four years, for the many life lessons he has given us in articles. Every Cuban, from the Cabo de San Antonio to Punta de Maisí,decided to listen to him carefully as a sign of respect and gratitude.


Various Bolivian new agencies referred to the appearance of commander in chief Fidel Castro at the Round Table TV program, broadcasted live by Telesur channel, reported PL.

The Bolivian Agency briefed on Fidel's clarity and talked about his concern about the amount of weapons the US has.

In an article titled El retorno de Fidel (Fidel's return), the state-run newspaper Cambio commended Fidel's lively and secure statements. Meanwhile, the Mexican newspaper la Jornada also talked about his lucidity to address issues such as the arms race and the situation in Iran and the Korean peninsula.

The Chilean Mercurio de Valparaiso quoted Fidel's warning on the imminent risk of another war in the Arabian area.

The Colombian newspaper placed some chunks of Fidel's speech in its website. In Colombia, El Espectador and other radio tations RCN and Caracol, reviewed Fidel's speech.

Many Argentinian newspapers agreed to reflect the same information. Among them are the website of the Télam news agency and the newspapers Clarín and Página 12.

La Nación newspaper preferred to reproduce fragments of the speech. Chinese newspaper Pueblo en Linea took the information provided by the Asian new agency Xinhua including Fidel's statements on the situation in Korea and the threat of a military attack by the US and Israel against Iran.

Source: Granma

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