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Rio Cuyaguateje

The Cuyaguateje is one of the most plentiful rivers in Cuba

In the year 2009 the province reduced pollution load to 17, 9 percent, which is considered a favourable result, reported the Ministry of Science Technology and the Environment (Citma) in Pinar del Rio.

That was achieved thanks to actions in several spots of the territory like the basin of Cuyaguateje river, the José Marti pig breeding farm with the treatment to residuals, advances in Los Portales refreshments factory and the application of Chinese technology in various centers.

In 2009 eight facilities received environmental recognition.

The territorial Council of hydrographical basins carries out environmental education in the communities of other seven basins of provincial interest, among them the Guamá river's that aspires the national category.
In addition the Citma in the province is in charge of the first zone in Vueltabajo with integral coastal management, which allows to take care of all the environmental issues of that spot.

Among the difficulties still present in the environment they pointed out the degradation of the soils and the poor management of water resources in the territory.

In regard to the Provincial Meteorological Center the recognized the support of the World Meteorological Organization with the existence of a map of winds to consult it for the prevention of fires, which permits the delivery of systematic reports about variables like rain, relative humidity and the very winds.

That favors the early alert system against fires the territory has and which is delivered to diverse organisms related to make preventive calls and take care of the region with most forested areas in the country.

A study of sea penetrations has determined that most of the damages that cause modifications in the coastal line are due to the action of the population, among them the deterioration of the mangrove, which is an indispensable barrier against hurricanes, apart from being shelter for numerous species.

By Zenia Regalado  

Source: guerrillero

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