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President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela acknowledged Cuba's contribution to the security of his country and blamed Colombia and the United States for much of Venezuela's problems.

"Cuba has helped us a lot in security, in terms of analyzing, evaluating and being better prepared, because our armed forces and security organizations had been penetrated by the empire, drug trafficking and the mafias," Chávez said Sunday, according to the news agency EFE.

"The United States, through Colombia, and all the illegal factors – paramilitary and violent people – infiltrate into Venezuela to kill and kidnap people and then say that Chávez can't cope" with the problems, he said.

Questioned by reporters, he added that "Cuba helps us modestly in some things that I won't describe in detail. But the bourgeoisie should not worry, because everything Cuba does is to strengthen our homeland, which is Cuba's too.

We also help Cuba in various aspects, he added, according to the daily El Informador.

Source: Miami Herald

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