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The protection of the Cuban westernmost coasts, involves students of different levels gathered in a project called To clean the world, that takes place in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in the province of Pinar del Rio.

The group held a campaign to collect the debris that reach the zone by the effect of the waves, a task that counted with the massive participation of Gerardo Abreu Fontán Junior High School students.

Abel Sosa, specialist of the National Park located in the Biosphere Reserve peninsula, recognized the great acceptance of the environmental project, which also includes primary school students and shows the man-milieu harmony in different protected areas of the country.

The expert noted that prior to the practical activities, the children and teenagers could participate in some lectures in order to stimulate in them the love for the exuberant biodiversity of that area, which covers some 62,14 miles long.

Among the natural curiosities that can be seen there during this period of the year, is worth mentioning the outlet of thousands of red crabs from the forest to the sea, which is a spectacular show according to scientists.

Guanahacabibes treasures great natural values like the little humming bird, 172 species of birds from 42 families, apart from the so ancient iguanas and four species of marine turtles that spawn in the beaches of the zone in the month of June.

The first historic document about the westernmost part of the Island dates back to June 12, 1494, registered in the journal of Christopher Columbus's journal.

Source: guerrillero

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