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Cuba's health cooperation with Haiti was praised by the Haitian ambassador to the United Nations, Leo Meroes, and also by the Chilean ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Marcel Young.

Speaking with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at the UN headquarters on Tuesday during the premiere of the documentary "Fireflies of the Night" - about the Cuban health specialists' work in Haiti -,Meroes thanked the Cuban diplomat for Havana's assistance to his nation.

The Haitian ambassador to the UN recalled that the Cuban doctors were the first to assist the victims of the earthquake that devastated the Haitian capital on January 12 leaving 222,570 people dead, more than 310,900 wounded and 869 missing.

Meanwhile, speaking to Granma newspaper in Port-au-Prince, Marcel Young said that the whole world recognizes that the work of the Cuban health professionals in Haiti is vital.

"They are on all the regions of the country and, even more remarkable,not only after the earthquake. They have been here for many years and all international organizations cooperate with them.

All the embassies recognize that, if we want to do something serious in the area of health care, we have to do it with the Cubans," he commented.

Source: Yahoo

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