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miguel hernandez

 Poet Miguel Hernandez's voice is back with his usual prominence in 2010.

It can be seen in the many tributes that have been rendered to him in his homeland, Orihuela, Valencian community, and elsewhere in Latin America and especially, the endearing homage of Cuba sponsored by the Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau.

But this is not the news. And it comes from a less known side of Miguel Hernández, who also cultivated theater and wrote several pieces, including some sacramental act.

During his captivity in Franco's jails, after the civil war, where he died 68 years ago, sick, he also wrote not only the well-known and very popular "Nanas de la cebolla", musicalized by Catalan singer Joan Manuel Serrat, but also he wrote children's stories to his son, who survived the hunger victim of the misery of the war.

The first were released, when published in 1987, "El potro oscuro" (The dark horse) and "El conejito" and now, two others were disclosed by the national commissioner of the Miguel Hernández's centenary, José Carlos Rovira, who stated that the two unpublished stories "will be exhibited for the first time in September during the universal exhibition being organized at the National Library in Madrid".

These two stories, written by Miguel Hernández in Alicante's prison, are named "La gatita mancha y el ovillo rojo" and "Un hogar en el árbol," both rated "metaphors of freedom dedicated to his son", by the aforementioned Hispanic professor, who also noted that the illustrations of these two new texts discovered, which will be released soon, were made by Eusebio Oca.

By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt

Source: Cubasi

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