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Carlos Alberto Cremata, director and the soul of La Colmenita, confirmed this just before closing the stage of the last performance (for the time being) of Y sin embargo se mueve, the beautiful, yet surprising staging made by his group of the play Humanoides by the Russian playwriter Alexander Jmelik, with songs by Silvio Rodríguez.

“We will give you a preview of the coming premiere,” said Cremata and the potpourri from the seventies, wonderfully touched, sung and danced by the same children who had made cry, laugh and think –to the tears- to a room filled with adults for more than an hour.

The new show is dedicated to the 9th Congress of the Union of the Communists Youths (UJC in Spanish) and to two unforgettable creators of Cuban childhood and youths: Juan Padron, the father of Elpidio and Juan Formell, director of the most popular band in Cuba.

Some days earlier, Cremata had declared to Celia Medina Llanusa that the premiere in April will also be a way to pay his debt to all the children who went to see and could not understand Y sin embargo because it was a play for young people and adults, who will by the way come back to the stage on the fourth month of the year, as well as the classic play by the company Bululú y medio.

Meanwhile, the Cuban play writer will give a theater body to an idea, which according to him, was born last October 6, with the 33rd anniversary of the terrible attack that killed 73 people, among them his father, Carlos Cremata Trujillo, who was 41 years old at the time, even less than his son right now, who loves to say that everything he does today “is what I always saw him doing…”.

Tin –as Cremata is tenderly called- says that on that day he told his mother –the choreographer and director Iraida Malberti- about the idea of paying a tribute to the Five Cuban heroes imprisoned in US jails for fighting against terrorism.

The play “will be a mutant show. For Spain with texts by Miguel Hernández and Marcos Ana –two intellectuals who suffered the hard imprisonment of Spanish Fascism- and in Turkey with texts by yet another indispensable intellectual who suffered and wrote from and about prisons: Nazim Hikmet.

“I want to take it everywhere and I want for people to have many questions, especially for people to ask me why I did it. Then I will talk about my father, about how I lost him and about how thankful I am to the fathers of my generation who prevented with their sacrifice from other children suffering the way my brothers and I did.”

Born twenty years ago, on February 14, 1990, La Colmenita has just made its second movie –the first one was Viva Cuba by Juan Carlos Cremata- under the title Playstation, directed by Ian Padron, which should be premiered this year.

Also in the year 2010 there will be shot the first fourteen chapters of a television series on his own history and messages of public awareness requested by UNICEF, an institution from the United Nations, from which they are the only group Ambassadors in the world.

Source: Cubadebate

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