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tabaco romeojulieta

An interesting initiative from the Museum of Tobacco from the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana is the creation of an exchange space between women who are related in some way -mainly through their work- with tobacco, specially with the pure habano, aiming to deepen and widen their culture on this theme, which is very closely related to our national identity.

In this way, two important events took place, the 16th International Tobacco festival and the 11th Tobacco Flowers Colloquium and last February 23 there took place a first meeting with Cuban women, who were joined by some foreigners who are the managers of Tobacco Houses in different European places and afterward, on March 17, there took place a second meeting to which were invited a female tobacco maker, a female tobacco reader, members from the National Tobacco Syndicate, scientific researchers, cultural promoters, journalists, sommeliers who combine the selling of rums or wines with the tasting of cigars, workers from the Panorama hotel, in which Piano Bar, found in the 11t floor, lies the main seat of the project.

Men were of course present in this social occasion, and they participated in it, as models wearing clothes and body paintings related to the tobacco leave or as joint sponsors, as in the case of the management of the Oasis Panorama Hotel or the
professors from the Tobacco course (which is in undertaken by the already mentioned Museum) and there were also the companions of their wives. Among this group there was the Professor, composer and performer, Leo Brouwer.

Surrounded by an environment of happiness and honest collaboration, Bruselas Regalado (worker from the Oasis Panorama Hotel) and Zoe Nocedo Primo (director from the Tobacco Museum) were chosen as presidents of the project. Zoe informed about the initial purposes of the project which had been put together in a short document and about the meeting schedule planned until the month of November 2010. There was immediate support offered from the journalists from Excelencias del Caribe, who will assume a web site specially dedicated to inform about the activities from Amigas del Habano.

We congratulate this beautiful initiative that makes it clear, from a gender perspective, recognition to the historic participation of women in the creation of the world of cigars.

In this sense it will lead in its simple and dynamic process to a cultural mark, with which yet another way for permanent suppuration opens up for our women, with much benefit for its visibility and contribution to the enrichment of our social life.

By Lohania Aruca Alonso


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