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The Second Caribbean Dance Biennial has been taking place in Havana since March 23 and ends March 28 at several venues in the El Vedado neighborhood.

The dance festival focuses on promoting Caribbean choreography and providing a space for dialogue and exchange between dancers from the region. This year the event also celebrates the 90th birthday of Cuban prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso.

Among the artists participating in the group category are: Maravillosa, by Jossie Cáceres and Federica Folco, (Ecuador and Uruguay); ATP, by Tamara Cubas, (Uruguay); Bull dancing, by Marcelo Evelyn; Una pieza selecta, by the Coliflor Collective
(Brazil); Cómo se dice en Martinica «la arena de la playa» (México and Martinique); Ecos, by the La Prenda Collective (Colombia); Project, by Keith Noel, Nelly Xaba and Luis de Abreu (Mali, South Africa and Brazil); Comamos, all inclusive, by Christiane Enmanuel; Ecume, by Anabel Guérédrat and Artincidence (Martinica); Peso, by Sandra Rami and the El Público Theater Group (Cuba); and MalSon, by Susana Pous and DanzAbierta (Cuba).

In the solo category the following pieces have confirmed: Tengo autorización de la policía para quedarme desnudo aquí, by Ricardo Marinelli; ¿Es el cuerpo un medio de danza?, by Vanilton Lakka; Carne, by Micheline Torres (Brazil); Sobrenatural, by Natalia Tencer (Argentina); Shagaa, by Héléne Cathala (France); Haití en preguntas, by Jean-Aurel Maurice (San Martin); Oroyo So, Julie Adami (Guyana); Instinto de conservación, by Abel Berenguer and DanzAbierta (Cuba), Lea, by Janoski Suárez and the Ad Líbitum Company (Cuba); and ¡Non!, by Lisbet Sad and Ballet Rakatán (Cuba).

The 2010 Caribbean Dance Biennial also includes the photo exhibition África DanzÁ África, by French-American photographer Antoine Tempe at the Raúl Oliva Gallery in El Vedado; a forum discussion entitled Maneras de ser Caribe y algo más (Ways to be Caribbean and something more), presentations, documentary screenings, classes and workshops.

The opening gala took  place at the Gran Teatro in Old Havana on March 23  the awards show and closing will take place March 27 at the Mella Theater at 9:00 p.m.; and finally on March 28 at 5:00 p.m. in the Mella Theater the award winning dancers will perform.


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