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International experts underlined during a session of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development of the German parliament the important role of Cuban doctors in Haiti.

In the framework of a public hearing, the Haitian film director, Claudette Coulanges, highlighted Cuba's work in the Caribbean country after the earthquake.

"Cubans do in Haiti what no one else does: they go to the countryside to provide medical care to people living far from cities", Coulanges said.

The expert asked the German government to follow the example of Norway, which supports the Cuban medical mission instead of sending its own staff to Haiti.

According to Wenche Hauge, researcher of the Research Center for Peace, Oslobased; it is necessary "to reduce the number of actors and organizations in Haiti."

Instead of sending more staff to the Caribbean country, the European states should support Latin American actors and regional processes, she said, considering Cuba and Brazil as "key countries in overcoming the humanitarian crisis that Haiti is suffering".

The experts' proposals were taken up by the Socialist party in a parliamentary motion that was later-rejected by the governmental, conservative, and liberal parties.


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